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GNA Update 4/6/2007


There are a couple important recent developments that you may have seen mentioned in the Enterprise:

·         The Board of Education approved the formation of a “7-11 Committee” on March 29, as required by the California Education Code, to advise the School District on disposition of school property (i.e., the Grande site, Wildhorse [“Nugget Fields”] property, and other real properties). Details of the Code Sections 17387 – 17390 are provided in the attachment. The name “7-11 Committee” derives from the composition of the advisory committee to be appointed pursuant to Section 17388 that shall consist of not less than 7 nor more than 11 members, and shall be representative of each of several categories (see attachment). The GNA Board will be discussing participation and submittal of applications under one or more of the categories of membership at an upcoming Board meeting, and expects to have a representative on the Committee. This requirement for an advisory committee is one of the issues that we brought to the attention of the previous Board of Education on several occasions, but they and the previous Superintendent did not take action to form such an advisory committee.

·         At its meeting on April 5, the Board of Education approved contracts for firms to work under the district’s Real Estate Consultant for the specific purpose of entitling the Grande site. These contracts are essential to the entitlement process for engineering, surveying and boundary determination, housing architectural design, landscape plan design, etc. Once these contracts are approved, the entitlement process can formally begin so that the appropriate applications can be made to the City of Davis. Contracts with the following consulting firms were approved by the Board:

-        Richard L. Crabtree – Legal Services

-        Cunningham Engineering – Civil Engineering Services

-        Geocon Consultants – Geotechnical Investigations

-        Geocon Consultants – Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

-        Williams and Padden – Architectural Design

The geotechnical consultant and the surveyor will start work at the site very soon, and you may see drill rigs and other signs of activity on the property. We are aware of those activities and are working with the Real Estate Consultant in a cooperative effort toward reasonable development of the property by the School District and the City.

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