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January City of Davis Conservation News
Be Coyote Aware
Coyotes are present around our community. While most of their time is spent searching for food in the agricultural fields surrounding Davis, they do sometimes wander into town looking for a quick and easy meal. The City of Davis would like to remind residents to reduce conflict with coyotes by keeping their small pets indoors, securing trash and compost bins, and cleaning up fallen fruits and nuts.  Coyotes are an important member of the local ecosystem and help to reduce populations of potential pest species such as rats, mice, raccoons and turkeys. For more information on coexisting with coyotes please visit the City's webpage on Tips for Living with Wildlife.
Stormwater Survey
Stormwater is rain water that flows across the ground and pavement when it rains.  It can pick up dirt, debris, animal waste, oil, gas, fertilizers, pesticides, and other materials in its path as it flows down gutters into storm drain inlets and out into local wetlands, carrying pollutants that harm plants and animals.
Please help the City assess attitudes and knowledge of stormwater quality by taking the survey below.  After completing the survey, Davis residents can enter to win a drawing for a free waterless car washing kit! 
There will be five drawings for kits (one per month) in February, April, June, August, and October 2017. To enter the drawing, once the survey is completed, please send an e-mail with your name and contact information to     
After the Holidays: Where Does Your Cut Christmas Tree Go? 
Keep your Christmas tree green and compost it! Remove the lights, ornaments, tinsel and tree stand. Trees can go in your organics cart (the lid must close) or in on-street yard material piles. Please note that yard material piles (and Christmas trees) may only be placed on the street 5 days before a scheduled pick-up. Yard material piles will be picked up January 2-5 and February 6-9. More information about yard material pile pick-up.
Bike Your Way to Your Goal

The City of Davis' Bike and Pedestrian Program would like to help you achieve your new year's resolution to be healthier and happier. Below are some tips on reaching your goal.

  1. Want to feel more confident on your bike in 2017?  How about taking a bike education course where we teach you the rules of the road and how to ride your bike in traffic . Sign-up for Biking with Confidence through City of Davis Recreation.  The 3-hour course is held monthly and cost $19.
  2. There is brand new secure bike parking at the Train Station.  Protect your bike and park it in a Bike Link elocker.  The first step to use the lockers is to sign-up at
  3. Use lights and reflectors to make yourself more visible when walking and biking.
  4. Party on your bike!  Join Bike Party Davis,  a monthly fun leisurely paced bike ride where Davisites adorn their bikes in lights, play music, and a travel through the most beautiful parts of our city. 
  5. Get involved in 2017!  Volunteer at the Davis Bike Collective.  Learn more at
 New Year's Resolution: 5 Steps to Zero Waste
Losing weight is a common New Year's resolution. Instead, how about a resolution to reduce your waste size-the pounds of waste that you generate every day? Here are 5 simple tips to reduce your waste size and shrink your environmental footprint.
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